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Merrill Lynch Supernova Case Solution


The case arrangement talks about newfound Supernova prepare, by the Indianapolis, that would upgrade the client involvement in retail-financier. Supernova is another method for overseeing customer relationship, through which efficiency of each Financial Advisor can be amplified. Amid its underlying pilot test, it demonstrated extremely important outcomes that by actualizing Supernova handle, the consumer loyalty expanded, and operational effectiveness made strides. The case likewise talked about the difficulties confronted amid the pilot procedure and promoters the execution anticipate the entire association. It likewise talks about the emotional ascent in client desires subsequent to encountering wanted client benefit. At last, it talks about the route forward for the usage of Supernova process, and a proposal plan to destroy predictable difficulties confronted by Merrill Lynch in taking off Supernova.

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Questions Covered

  1. What does Supernova offer to Merrill-Lynch?  Does Merrill-Lynch need Supernova to be successful or grow in the future?
  2. What is Supernova and how is it different from traditional financial advising models?  What is the value proposition for customers?
  3. What changes were required to implement the Supernova process—for FAs?  For Merrill-Lynch itself? What were the risks and potential benefits for both?
  4. Paint a picture of a Financial Advisor’s day using the Supernova process.  How is this different from typical day under the old process?
  5. How would you recommend Merrill-Lynch as a company proceed in rolling out Supernova?  What are the challenges and hurdles that must be overcome for it to succeed?  How can they overcome these challenges?