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Supply Chain Optimization at Hugo Boss A Case Solution

Case Solution

Hugo Boss, being a worldwide player in the realm of mold for men and ladies, understands that so as to rival other worldwide brands, for example, Tommy Hilfiger, Prada, and Pierre Cardin, it needs a responsive store network, which in the meantime ought to likewise be productive. Subsequently, Hugo Boss does not have any desire to bargain on its image's responsiveness to client orders at the cost of productivity (minimizing costs). The issue introduced for the situation is because of the item extend offered by Hugo Boss, with various client prerequisites, and some of which should be Never out of Stock (NOS). These are design attire, which are routinely purchased by the clients without every time investing a lot of energy in the buy choice.

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Questions Covered

1- Keep implementing the procedure on only 1 area of their product. If so why or why not. 

2- Expand the procedure throughout all their products, why or why not.

3- Implement their new procedure on some of their products. If so then what products.