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Bayonne packaging, Inc. Case Solution

Case Solution

Recently Bayonne finds itself in a very troubling situation, the challenge generally persistent in three key areas of the business; cost, quality and the delivery of the product. Since these problems were not properly dealt in the past, they eventually contributed to a loss that has being experienced by the company for the very first time. The Quality was compromised mainly due to the fold and glue. These damaged items are then left to be scrapped, thus adding undue costs on the business. The glue was the item that was disproportionately used. It varied from item to item, in some there was no glue at all, or in some the glue was present in excess amounts. The finishing department was not performing to its best potential either. There were regular complaints that attachments were largely missing, either partially or wholly. When such mishaps are going to happen, then it was not a surprise that the deliveries got rejected occasionally. Getting into the root of the problem was although very time consuming but in the wake of such an alarming situation, an appropriate response was largely needed.

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Questions Covered

1. What is the underlying problem ?

2. What are the root causes of the problem?

3. Develop solution using DMAIC methodology.

4. Using a leading change plan, how will you implement your solution?

5. Prepare a written report and accompanying presentation.