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Land Rover Vehicles:The Cb40, A Project In Nimbleness And Flexibility Case Solution

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At first, the autos delivered by Rover Car Company were thought to be as the Doctor's Car. The picture of the auto was to such an extent that it is just dependable amid crisis. Notwithstanding, absence of formative foundation after the Second World War Land Rover to concoct another model of the auto to stay in the exceptionally aggressive car industry. In this way, the organization chose to make a four by four vehicle, as a traveler auto for its clients. Freelander was among the most punctual of the jeeps that were utilized for rough terrain work. Consequently, Freelander was begun.

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Questions Covered

1. What is the genesis of the Freelander?

2. Why is it important for Land Rover to launch a different car model than they had in that time, which focused segment they wanted?

3. What are the characteristics that market segment that Land Rover wants to attract?

4. Why is it important to set the design conditions before executing the design?

5. Identify the main strategies used Land Rover design.

6. Identify the main strategies used production Land Rover.

7. What you have done if you were in charge at the above questions.