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Microsofts Financial Reporting Strategy Case Solution

Case Solution

Microsoft for the most part takes after Generally Accepted Accounting Principles as a strategy for announcing its monetary articulations and related notes. Rather than taking after the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles when all is said in done, Microsoft has embraced the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles which are particularly polished in United States of America. The money related articulations distributed by Microsoft incorporate the outcomes for Microsoft Corporation and all different backups connected with the parent organization. Moreover, Microsoft takes after money premise bookkeeping and gathering bookkeeping techniques, as well. The money premise bookkeeping strategy expresses that organizations ought to record costs and expenses in monetary explanations and related records just when the money has been really paid out. So also, Microsoft registers income and other money benefits just when the exchange has been finished, and the money is gotten.

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Questions Covered

1. What accounting methods does Microsoft select?

2. What is Microsoft's financial reporting strategy regarding the accounting issues of (A) software capitalization and (B) revenue recognition?

3. Discuss reasons for Microsoft’s accounting and disclosure choices?

4. What issues can arise from Microsoft’s financial reporting regarding managing?