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Rogers Chocolates A Case Solution

Case Solution

Roger’s Chocolate is one of the finest brands in Canada when it comes to the most refined manufacturing of chocolates and the other related confectionary products. It is one of the oldest company operating within Canada and is involved in the manufacturing of various sweet commodities namely, chocolate bars, chocolate candies, chocolate confectionery, fancy chocolates and chocolate coated nuts. However it must be noted that these offerings were for the upper tier and were thus premium charged. Moreover Roger’s Chocolate business also involved the selling of ice cream and management of a restaurant. In two years from now, the company envisions for an earning that is 3 to 4 times its current standing. The article continues with a lengthy discussion of the various tools of strategic management that could be recommended in the example of Roger’s Chocolate as discussed above

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1. Introduction

2. Internal Analysis

3. External Analysis

4. Strategic Approach & Competitive Advantage

5. Problem & Issues Recommendations

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