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Rogers Chocolates A Case Solution


Roger’s Chocolate is one of the finest brands in Canada when it comes to the most refined manufacturing of chocolates and the other related confectionary products. It is one of the oldest company operating within Canada and is involved in the manufacturing of various sweet commodities namely, chocolate bars, chocolate candies, chocolate confectionery, fancy chocolates and chocolate coated nuts. However it must be noted that these offerings were for the upper tier and were thus premium charged. Moreover Roger’s Chocolate business also involved the selling of ice cream and management of a restaurant. In two years from now, the company envisions for an earning that is 3 to 4 times its current standing. The article continues with a lengthy discussion of the various tools of strategic management that could be recommended in the example of Roger’s Chocolate as discussed above

Rogers' is also efficient. Once, again they are not at their best but are efficient enough to be a successful competitor. They are also very strong in their image. A low number of employees and bad planning causes their production to be slow and inefficient. Inventory management and out of stock problems cannot continue if Rogers' want to be able to grow into the company they want it to become.

Alternative Strategies

To be able to do so, Rogers' will need some financial help in order to invest money into the new packaging design and image that they want to create. 

For growth to happen, Rogers' must be more efficient in production. The problems caused by out of stocks and bad planning are causing Rogers' to not be as successful. 

If social media and a larger online presence are not working, Rogers' could face a situation where they are not on the receiving end. They will need to research who the online customer base really is to gain information on how to market to that segment. 

Not only will a larger online presence grow the company, but also moving business to the United States will help in the growth as well. Opening up retail stores in the US will help Rogers' to start to gain a global presence. The way that Rogers' retails their products shows that they know how to do it locally. To be able to reach the US, they will need to put a lot of effort into research the market on how to market to US customers. In their current retail stores, they display their products to suit the season with a Victorian theme. Rogers' will need to do the same for the US, but use the information gathered to create displays and marketing tools that will gain a following. By changing to fit and gain sales in the US, Rogers' has the risk of losing their current image as well as spending a lot of money just to gain customers that they may not get. This is the riskiest strategy. They will spend a lot of money by building retail stores and staffing them and marketing to a new segment. The risk of having their image ruined is also a risk. Since Rogers' is well rooted in tradition, this may cause a stir among employees and their customers. Recommendation

After reviewing the analysis and alternative strategies, Rogers' has several ways to achieve growth. I recommend that Rogers' re-brand themselves with new packaging and marketing tools. Although there is a risk of losing current customers, I believe that is a very small risk. People who buy Rogers' Chocolates are very loyal customers and have been buying them for years. Rogers' is a company based of providing premium chocolate with high quality. Changing the image will not affect the quality of their chocolates but rather gain new customers they don't currently have and be able to compete against Godiva and Bernard Callebaut. The image that Rogers' needs to create is an image that will still hold its tradition, but at the same time be edgy enough to strengthen its packaging, advertising, and distribution. This will allow new customers to get to know what Rogers' Chocolates is and be able to keep the current ones coming back.


As you can see, Rogers' chocolates objective is growth for the company. An analysis was performed to show the current financial and environmental state Rogers' is currently in. after reviewing the analysis, I found that Rogers' is in a good position to grow and again market share using their current products.

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