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Baria Planning Solutions, Inc.: Fixing the Sales Process Case Solution

Case Solution

Baria Planning Solutions Inc. (BPS) has as of now keep running into specific issues, which predominantly identify with the beneath desires execution of the Sales Support bunch. One authoritative issue confronting the organization is that industry rivalry is presently extraordinary as more perceived players have entered the market. This has prompted to more combination among littler players where they have been hoping to align with bigger firms. Subsequently, rebuilding for some organizations is likely in the given situation. Furthermore, the restoration rate for the Sales Support amass particularly has declined in the year 2010 which is considerably less contrasted with the capacity's execution in the most recent couple of years

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Questions Covered

1- What are the organizational and operational issues associated with this case?

2- What factors contributed to the company’s decision to organize the sales team by industry?

  A- What factors contributed to the company’s decision to organize the Sales Support group in a hybrid structure?

  B- What aspects of the sales processes are most valued by customers?

3- What alternatives are available for dealing with the problems in the Sales Support group?

  A- How did you evaluate the alternatives?

  B- What actions should Christy Connor propose to Brandon Ali?

4- How do you think each of the major internal stakeholders, specifically Brandon Ali, Chuck Dee, Jane Albright, the Sales Team, and Sales Support group, will react to your proposed solution?

5- Who are the major external stakeholders?  How do you think each of the major external stakeholders, specifically current customers and prospective customers, will react to your proposed solution?