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The Beijing Dream Case Solution


Yingtai and Shangbo are worried about their future decision of living. Aside from the stress of financing, the couple is made a fuss over the value, sort and area of their potential future flat. The couple is occupied with purchasing a 'low-end extravagance' three room loft at an appropriate area. As of now, they dwell in a little condo which couldn't suffice their future needs. The principal issue emerges when the couple finds that the present property showcase in Beijing is confronting a rise in suspicion of Beijing Olympics 2008. The costs of property can deteriorate after that exceptional occasion. Disregarding these components, the couple ought to decide on the buy of new property predominantly as a result of two reasons. Firstly, the extravagance property showcase viewpoint is steady.

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Excel Calculations

Upgrade and Transaction Cost

Commercial Vs Mutual rate

 Mortgage Rate Comparison:  Commercial Bank Loans vs. Mortgage Mutual Fund


Rental Case

 Comparison of Ownership to Rental Alternative (Annually)



 Recent Sales Price of GGG

 Recent Sale Price of Yangzhou Watertown


Choice of Apartment

 Guoxing Guanhu Garden

 angzhou Watertown

 Sunlight Upper East Side


Mortgage Amortization

 For 20% Down Payment and 80% Mortgage

 For 30% Down Payment and 70% Mortgage

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